How to Maintain Teeth After Teeth Whitening Treatment?

How to Maintain Teeth After Teeth Whitening Treatment?

March 7, 2023

After getting your teeth successfully whitened, you will desire to maintain the color of the teeth because you wouldn’t want your investment to go to waste. However, what is the best technique to ensure your teeth remain white as desired?

Your best chance of maintaining your new smile is to inquire about the tips you must adopt to help your teeth stay whiter as long as possible specifically, ask the dentist in Rockwall, TX, providing this treatment for the best results.

You will receive the following tips from the Rockwall dentist, which they will suggest you follow diligently. This article lists some of their information to help you achieve your goal of maintaining the results of teeth whitening treatment.

Tips to Maintain Teeth Whitening Treatment Results

  • You may think starting with your morning coffee is essential. However, have you ever wondered how these drinks could stain your teeth? If you haven’t, it helps to inquire with the Rockwall dentist about how to proceed without coffee. They suggest you drink warm milk or use white yogurt instead of coffee or tea.
  • Avoiding Dark Sauces: sauces feel good when having meals by adding taste to your bite. However, they can impact the whitening treatment results, making it essential to avoid continuous use because they can affect your finances. Therefore you must avoid dark sauces like soy sauce, red pasta sauce, and barbecue sauce; instead, replace them with light-colored foods that don’t discolor your teeth. You can consider white rice and pasta, eggs, Whitefish, cauliflower, white cheese, peeled potatoes, et cetera.
  • Avoiding Dark Chocolate: Everyone loves dark chocolate without knowing how it impacts their teeth. Caffeine is present in dark chocolate to cause stains on your teeth. If you love chocolates and are unsure which to use to prevent stains on your teeth, your dentist can help you decide.
  • Avoiding Acidic Foods: citrus fruits like lemon and orange undoubtedly make feel foods better by adding taste. Unfortunately, they don’t contribute to whiter teeth; the sour taste can weaken tooth enamel. After spending over 90 minutes for teeth cleaning treatment in Rockwall, TX, paying a substantial sum than over-the-counter products, you are responsible for maintaining the whiteness of your teeth. This responsibility makes it essential for you to avoid sour and acidic foods. In addition, you must also follow your dentist’s instructions.
  • Avoiding Sour Fruit Juice: Sour fruit juices from lemons, oranges, mandarin, and lemon are also acidic, making it essential to avoid them to prevent staining of your teeth. In addition, 100 percent fruit juices can contribute to enamel erosion, tooth decay, and softening. Therefore you must keep watch on the fruit juices you have.
  • Using Straws: straws are beneficial when drinking beverages because they ensure they don’t pass through your teeth. In addition, they help prevent teeth staining because the drink will enter your throat directly.
  • Brushing: maintaining the whiteness of your teeth requires commitment. You must brush your teeth twice daily and include brushing between meals if possible. You can inquire with the Rockwall dentist about the best toothpaste and toothbrush. They will suggest a soft-bristled toothbrush that helps protect tooth enamel and toothpaste approved by the ADA. Brushing after every meal helps remove food particles from your whitened teeth to keep them clean and healthy.
  • Flossing: if you want to maintain teeth whiteness, flossing once daily is an excellent idea. Food particles and debris accumulating between your teeth and gums cause plaque buildup hardening into tartar to result in gum disease besides tooth discoloration.
  • Quit Smoking: if you are a smoker maintaining teeth whitening results becomes challenging. In addition, smoking impacts your general and oral health. If you find it challenging to quit smoking, your dentist can assist with cessation techniques.
  • Consider Touchups: touchups are excellent with the Rockwall dentist to maintain teeth whiteness. Discuss the matter with your dentist to determine how long you need the practice. The whiteness of your teeth depends on your lifestyle, general diet, and choice of whitening treatments. Therefore it helps if you have a touch-up treatment with the dentist to restore the whitening results.

Our Dentist in Rockwall Provides the Best After-Care Treatment

If you must have your discolored teeth whitened, our dentist at the dental office in Rockwall can provide the best after-care tips. Besides offering teeth whitening treatments, the dental office provides many other services that help optimize your dental and overall health. Contact the dental office today for optimal results with your teeth whitening and receive the best after-care treatment from the professionals to maintain the consequences the longest.

Lakeside Dental Solutions provides teeth whitening treatments to many patients advising them on maintaining its results as best possible. Consider getting your teeth whitened from them and preserve the whiteness of your teeth for as long as possible to show off a beautiful smile.