All on 4 Implants

As one of the region’s best-known providers, the team at Lakeside Dental Solutions in Rockwall, TX gets many questions about All-on-4® fixed dentures. We hope we can help you understand some of the more common questions and help you decide if All-on-4 fixed dentures are right for you.

Why Do Patients Want All-on-4 Implants?

Most patients who opt for All-on-4 implants lack the bone density required for permanent implants. Others opt for the All-on-4 system to find a lower-cost solution equally as permanent. By using only four posts, dentists can mount the permanent fixed denture in place. This is possible because of the angle of the posts that are placed in the patient’s jaw. Our dentists can place these anchor points in the bone that would otherwise be unsuitable for permanent implant posts. Avoiding the longer recovery of bone grafting helps patients get back on track a lot faster and saves them money.

Patients at Lakeside Dental Solutions love the natural look and feel of the All-on-4 denture system. As a permanent solution, they are equally effective as individual implants. They don’t come loose, rattle while you’re trying to enjoy your lunch, or shift around uncomfortably at night. They don’t need to be removed to be cleaned, and the system will last more than 20 years with good dental hygiene habits.

Permanent Solution with Long Term Savings

When talking with our patients in Rockwall, TX budgetary concerns are always on their minds. This is one of the largest draws of the All-on-4 dental implant system. The savings that can be had by going through this single operation can be significant compared to multiple operations for grafting, individual implant posts, and replacement of the crowns over the years. Most people who get permanent fixed dentures using the All-on-4 system can leave the office and immediately resume their lives. The post-angle allows the denture to remain firmly in place, no matter the foods they choose. Patients can go out to dinner the same day or the next day with complete confidence in their natural-looking fixed dentures.

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