General Dentistry

Lakeside Dental Solutions in Rockwall, TX specializes in bruxism treatment, root canal, gum disease treatment, tooth extraction, emergency dental care, and mouth guards. You can be confident that our caring staff will do anything to make your experience as happy and relaxing as possible. Are compassionate and professional staff works tirelessly to give our patients the service and bedside manner they deserve.

Our Process

We work with the latest technology to ensure that your exam is complete and thorough. Our X-rays, exam imaging, and examination techniques are all cutting-edge. This cutting-edge technology allows us to view your entire dental outline in amazing HD imagery, allowing us to diagnose and treat your problems with pinpoint precision. We are your local dentist with an extensive track record of keeping our patients safe, happy, and healthy.

What We Believe

At Lakeside Dental Solutions in Rockwall, TX, your health will be the most important thing and your life. Dental health is a key factor influencing the rest of the body’s health. Whether you need a simple examination and cleaning, or more in-depth procedures such as a root canal or tooth extraction, we are available and accepting new clients.

Life Happens

No matter how careful anyone is about their dental health, sometimes life throws them a curveball, and their enamel wears off, or perhaps they suffer from periodontitis or other gums and mouth diseases. It doesn’t matter whether your dental damage is from trauma, age, or overall general decay; we offer complete dental care that can address your problems. We specialize in finding the right custom dental treatment and tailoring it to your needs.

Call us for Your Initial Examination

Whether you need extensive dental procedures, or a simple cleaning, call the caring staff at Lakeside Dental Solutions in Rockwall, TX today. We look forward to crafting a custom treatment plan that works for you and your budget. If you have any questions, we are here at any time to make the new smile one that you can be proud of.

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