Tooth decay can cause extreme pain that can take over your life. Experienced and highly trained endodontists at Lakeside Dental Solutions can treat the infection in intricate ways, relieving the debilitating pain and saving your tooth.

Our expert endodontists in Rockwall, TX perform root canal treatments (RCTs) and other procedures to clear dental infections and relieve pain.

When Do You Need To Visit An Endodontist?

Endodontists specialize in treating the infection that has spread to the pulp, the living part, of your tooth. Tooth decay due to poor dental hygiene or cracked tooth can lead to a tooth pulp infection, called pulpitis.

An infection that has reached the pulp causes pain and sensitivity. In some cases, if the condition is severe, you might experience excruciating pain requiring you to visit an emergency endodontist in Rockwall, TX.

What Does Endodontic Care Involve?

Endodontists are also called root canal dentists as they are experts at performing these treatments. Although general dentists can also perform an RCT, the additional training and experience make endodontists at Lakeside Dental Solutions better equipped to handle complicated cases.

Endodontists treat several dental conditions involving infections, including the following:

  • Tooth decay, including untreated cavities that have damaged your tooth’s root or pulp.

  • A dental abscess due to the accumulating bacteria between your teeth and gums

  • Tooth injuries due to falls or accidents

  • A cracked tooth, where the crack extends to the pulp

When Is an RCT Required?

RCT is indicated when the infection spreads to the pulp of your tooth. As the infection advances, the nerves present in the root canal get sensitized, causing you to feel sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures in the beginning and pain later.

Our dentist can often spot early signs of an infection during your routine dental visit at Lakeside Dental Solutions. However, if the condition has already caused a cavity and has started to spread into your root canal, you need endodontic treatment in Rockwall, TX.

Please book an appointment with our endodontist today to learn more about the procedure.

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