Partials & Dentures

When you’ve lost a number of your teeth all in close proximity to one another, it can be difficult to talk, smile, or even chew your food. In these cases, one of the most effective solutions you can find today is a set of partials or full dentures to replace your missing teeth, support your jaw and facial structure and restore your ability to eat the foods you love.

At Lakeside Dental Solutions, we want to do everything we can to make you feel comfortable, self-confident and to give you back the wonderful smile that you deserve.

How Are Partials and Dentures Made?

Partials and dentures are made to match the size, shape, color, and shade of your natural teeth. The process starts with a mold or impression being taken from your mouth so that it can be used as a model for carving out an acrylic base.

This is done by taking impressions of all your teeth at once, which determines how much gum tissue will need to be trimmed away in order for the new set of teeth to fit comfortably inside your mouth.

A full dental exam is also performed during this time which includes x-rays and photographs of each jaw joint area where partials or dentures would go. From these images, we are able to determine any bone deterioration around the joints before starting work on matching you with one of our expertly crafted sets of partials or dentures.

Once a proper mold of your mouth is taken, your dentures are sent back to our lab to be created.

Who Should Get Partials or Dentures?

Partials and dentures are ideal for people with:

  • Ample gum tissue to work with in order to make a sturdy set of teeth.
  • A jaw joint that is not too deteriorated or cracked from bone resorption.
  • Mobility issues that will prevent them from brushing, flossing, etc. on their own.

If it sounds like a set of partials or dentures is the right fit for you, then stop by our office today and let us get started giving you your smile back. Lakeside Dental Solutions is here for all your dental needs.

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