8 Reasons to Get Crooked Teeth Corrected

8 Reasons to Get Crooked Teeth Corrected

March 15, 2023

If a set of misaligned teeth is turning your smile into a frown, it’s time to visit a good dentist near you for treatment. Crooked teeth can create many health problems besides contributing to an unattractive smile.

Health problems Caused by Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth can cause several health problems if ignored. Here’s a closer look at 8 problems caused by misaligned teeth:

  1. Higher Likelihood of Gum Disease

Awkwardly angled, crooked and overlapping teeth are much more difficult to clean than an even dental arch. Decay tends to remain trapped between teeth and eventually spread to the gums, where they trigger the onset of periodontal disease. Our dentists provide orthodontic treatment that straighten your teeth.

  1. More Difficult to Chew

A crooked dentition makes it harder to chew well and this in turn can cause digestive problems. The primary function of teeth is to help us grinding food into smaller pieces to enable easier digestion. If you’re unable to chew properly, you’re more likely to experience digestive problems.

  1. Premature Wear and Tear

Protruding or angled teeth often run against the opposite tooth and adjacent tooth, leading to premature wear and tear of tooth enamel. Early wear and tear thins down tooth enamel and increases the likelihood of developing an abscess.

  1. Bad Breath

Crooked teeth trap food debris that is difficult to clean resulting in foul-smelling breath that may leave you feeling embarrassed. While mouthwashes and breath-fresheners provide temporary relief, the patient will need to correct the cause for lasting effects.

  1. Increased Risk of Broken Teeth

The uneven bite force distribution leads to uneven strain on teeth and increases the risks of developing cracked or broken teeth. It’s best to seek treatment at Lakeside Dental Solutions at the earliest.

  1. Lowered Self-Esteem

An unsightly smile often leaves us feeling low on confidence and esteem.

  1. Frequent Headaches

A misaligned set of teeth rub together constantly and can cause frequent headaches.

  1. TMJ Problems

Crooked teeth exert pressure on jawbone muscles and can cause malfunctioning of the TMJ or temporomandibular joint.

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