Have you been looking in the mirror recently and decided that it’s finally time to correct the few imperfections in your teeth that have been keeping you from feeling 100 percent confident in your smile? Have you heard about clear aligner therapy and wanted to learn more about it?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, we’ve got some great news for you! Our dentists near you can provide you with the improved smile you imagine with Invisalign® aligners and their proven technology to produce fast, comfortable results in record time.

What Make Invisalign Different?

It’s safe to say that all clear aligners are virtually invisible when being worn, so what is it that makes Invisalign the leader in the field of dental aligners? When compared against other aligner therapies, only Invisalign is made from SmartTrack material. This advantage alone makes them more comfortable to wear and easier to put on and take off than other aligners in the marketplace.

And while we’re mentioning other aligners, our dentists near you want to point out that there is never a substitute for the one-on-one personalized care that you’ll receive from Lakeside Dental Solutions — especially if you’re tempted by over-the-counter (OTC) or online aligner treatment.

As an Invisalign provider near you, our dentists at Lakeside Dental Solutions will personally map out your new smile using 3D images taken by Invisalign’s iTero Element® scanner. And, because our dentists are located near you in Rockwall, TX, you’ll have direct access to them as you track your progress along the way. The mapping software that our dentists use in concert with Invisalign therapy means that every tooth will move in the order that has been planned. That means more comfort, more predictability, and less guesswork – three things that can’t be replicated with OTC aligners.

Invisalign Near You for Patients of All Ages

Whether you’re an adult looking for Invisalign in Rockwall, TX for yourself or you’re looking for your child, our dentists at Lakeside Dental Solutions can customize the smile for patients of all ages. In fact, we have many parents who’ve elected to improve the appearance of their smiles at the same time their children are receiving treatment – and we can do the same for your family too.

Call us or make an appointment today for Invisalign near you from our dentists in Rockwall, TX at Lakeside Dental Solutions.

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