Cosmetic Dentistry

If you find it challenging to smile openly around people or are embarrassed by your teeth’s appearance, you can elevate your smile with our cosmetic dentistry. Our cosmetic dentists in Rockwall, TX knows that a beautiful smile says positive things about your image and personality. However, getting that million-dollar smile takes work.

With imperfections like teeth discolorations, uneven teeth, chipped teeth, fractured teeth, or misshapen teeth, your smile can quickly be robbed of its beauty. Lakeside Dental Solutions gives you personalized treatments to help you regain the lost confidence in your smile.

What Our Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help Correct?

The various cosmetic dentistry treatments we provide can help correct the following:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Discolored teeth
  • Uneven gum line
  • Disproportionate teeth
  • Asymmetrical smile
  • Gapped teeth

Our Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Our cosmetic dentists near you can selectively offer what you need for your dental cosmetic goals.

Dental Crowns

We use tooth crowns to hide flaws on your teeth, including cosmetic and functional damage. We can place porcelain crowns on your back teeth or composite crowns on your front teeth.

Dental Bonding

We see dental bonding as a versatile treatment that works to correct and restore teeth’ many functional and aesthetic flaws. We can use tooth bonding to help address fractures, chips, and decay on teeth. We also use bonding to treat stains on teeth and offer you a bright, natural-looking smile.

Teeth Whitening

You can have our chairside whitening, which our cosmetic dentists perform in our dental clinic, or take-home trays. Our in-office whitening can give your teeth six to eight shades of a whiter look. We can provide at-home supervised treatment options through molded trays. We custom-make the trays to comfortably and snugly fit your mouth.


We cover the front areas of teeth with porcelain shells to renew your smile. We remove some of the enamel, allowing the veneers to fit naturally. Veneers are a hassle-free option for those seeking to revamp their smile’s appearance.

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