Preventive Dentistry

As far as oral health goes, prevention is a better option than cure. Our compassionate dentists near you offer several preventive treatments that help keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible.

Why take unnecessary chances with your dental health? Please contact Lakeside Dental Solutions for a consultation with our dental experts.

Preventive Dental Care Services

We offer a comprehensive range of preventive dentistry solutions in Rockwall, TX:

Dental Exams

Twice-yearly dental examinations can help bring potential problems to light for early treatment. Dental problems are much more treatable when detected during the initial stages. One of our experienced dentists will check your teeth, gums, tongue, neck, and face for abnormalities.

Professional Teeth Cleanings

Once the exam is complete, our trained hygienist will take over for cleaning. In-office teeth cleanings result in the removal of cavity-causing plaque and tartar and also eliminates bad breath.

Oral Cancer Screening

We use advanced diagnostic technology like the VELscope® to detect the presence of abnormal oral tissue. Our highly trained dentists will gently palpate the area under the neck, on the sides of the face, and visually check for lumps, bumps, lesions, or masses in the oral cavity.

Oral cancer screenings are non-invasive, painless, and quick; it takes just 10 to 15 minutes to complete oral cancer screening at Lakeside Dental Solutions.

Gum Disease Screening

Periodontal disease develops when bacteria spread to the gingival tissue. If left untreated, gum disease attacks tooth roots and causes permanent tooth loss. It can also increase the risks of systemic diseases like stroke.


Children can benefit greatly by getting sealant applied on the rear teeth to protect them from decay and cavities.

Fluoride Treatment

Safe, quick, and non-invasive fluoride treatment strengthens tooth enamel against bacterial action.


Custom-fitted mouthguards reduce the risks of dental trauma and injury during sports. They are also recommended for patients who suffer from sleep apnea.

If ignored, even a small, single cavity can transform into a complicated infection that requires costly and lengthy treatment. Please contact our skilled dentists in Rockwall, TX to learn more about reliable preventive dentistry near you.

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