Dental Crowns

Is a weak, damaged, or worn down tooth causing discomfort or pain? You may benefit from wearing dental crowns. Once our experienced dentists near you evaluate your tooth, we will help you determine the best crown for your needs.

Multiple Reasons to Get Dental Crowns in Rockwall, TX

Dental crowns have been in use for several decades and can be used to rectify a range of dental issues. We may place dental crowns for several reasons such as:

To Seal a Large Cavity

Dental fillings are not a suitable option for large cavities as they are susceptible to chipping. After taking detailed x-rays, we will place a dental crown, inlay, or onlay to seal the gap. Crowns are stronger and more durable than dental fillings.

To Hold Together a Damaged Tooth

They function as effective caps and can hold together a damaged tooth and protect it from injury. Dental crowns can also strengthen a weak tooth and protect a decayed tooth from further deterioration.

To Cover Implants

After inserting an implant, our skilled dentists in Rockwall, TX will attach a crown to the abutment to complete your smile. Dental crowns can also mask a stained tooth and restore a misshapen tooth to better size and shape.

Dental Crowns Procedure near You

Once you visit Lakeside Dental Solutions, we will take x-rays of the tooth, along with surrounding bone, and evaluate it for signs of decay. If there is extensive decay, we will first treat the decay with root canal treatment before placing the crown. Our dentists will first anesthetize the site around the tooth to deaden the nerves before grinding down the tooth structure.

We will reshape the enamel along the sides and chewing surface to make space for the dental crown. The tooth is protected with a temporary dental crown that is replaced with a permanent one, after it arrives from the dental lab. Dental crowns cover the tooth enamel until the base, and it’s essential to brush and floss properly under the tooth to keep it free of decay. Inadequate hygiene may result in the onset of decay underneath the crown.

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