A favorite among actors, musicians, and models, porcelain veneers produce a total smile makeover. This wildly popular cosmetic dental enhancement can conceal nearly every flaw possible. From crooked and overlapped teeth to teeth with deep, intrinsic discoloration, porcelain veneers produce a uniform and flawless smile. Your smile says a lot about you and people with attractive smiles tend to have richer social and professional lives. Fortunately, Dr. Salter can improve all aspects of a smile with porcelain veneers.

Porcelain Veneers Create Stunning Smiles

veneers rockwallCrafted from high-quality pieces of porcelain, veneers are thin, tooth-shaped coverings that are permanently cemented to the front surfaces of teeth. Porcelain is a very life-like material that matches the shade and luster of biological teeth, allowing for a natural looking yet flawless improvement to one’s smile.

Receiving porcelain veneers is a non-invasive procedure that requires two to three office visits. After determining if veneers are right for your needs, Dr. Salter will take impressions of your teeth so that the size and shape of each veneer can determined to accentuate your facial features and the size of your mouth. Once the specifications are determined, certified dental technicians in a laboratory will make your custom veneers. When the veneers are ready and sent back to our practice, you will return for the bonding process.

Dr. Salter will gently etch the front surfaces of teeth to create a stable surface to place the veneers. Using a special cement-like dental compound, each veneer will be bonded over the corresponding tooth. Before the bonding material dries, Dr. Salter will make any final adjustments necessary to produce a natural and beautiful effect.

Sometimes referred to as “instant orthodontics”, patients will leave our office after treatment with a beautiful smile and a surge in self-confidence. Patients will care for their veneers just as they would their natural teeth with daily flossing and proper brushing.

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How long should veneers last?

Since veneers are permanently bonded over teeth, they are quite durable. Porcelain veneers can last for over a decade. It is very important to care for one’s veneers and teeth by performing careful and thorough oral hygiene. While veneers are very durable, patients should be mindful of habits such as nail biting, bruxism and chewing hard objects, as these habits can affect veneers over time.

What are veneers made of?

Veneers are fabricated from porcelain. They are custom made to fit over a person’s teeth so that they look natural and proportionate. Since veneers are made from porcelain, they are available in various white shades. Porcelain also reflects light the way that biological tooth structure does.

Can veneers help my stained teeth?

Porcelain veneers are great for concealing permanent tooth stains – including intrinsic tooth discoloration. If your teeth are stained extrinsically, it might be wise to receive a professional whitening treatment prior to having veneers placed. This will help maintain the aesthetic of a bright, white smile for years to come. Since porcelain comes in many tooth-colored shades, patients can choose the shade that best meets their smile makeover goals.

How much do veneers cost?

The cost of receiving veneers can vary from person to person. Costs fluctuate depending on how many veneers are placed. It is important to keep in mind that each veneer is custom made to very precise dimensions. Precision and customization are necessary for enjoying a natural looking smile. We care about your smile, so we are pleased to offer free financing options, which allow for affordable payments.

How do I know if veneers are right for me?

The only way to be certain that veneers meet your smile improvement goals is to schedule a consultation. Candidates for porcelain veneers normally have imperfections such as stained, misshapen, and crooked teeth. Our team might recommend other procedures, however, depending on a person’s specific needs. For instance, some patients might be better off receiving dental crowns over veneers if their teeth are weakened by severe damage or disease.