teeth whitening rockwallOver time, our teeth dull in color and become yellow. This happens with age and other environmental factors such as the types of beverages and foods we consume. For example, teeth repeatedly exposed to coffee or berries will stain. Tobacco use also affects the color of teeth. Fortunately, our patients do not have to suffer with less than white smiles. Dr. Salter offers effective, in-office teeth whitening that can lift stains and make teeth up to eight shades brighter.

A Whiter Smile Boosts Self-Esteem

Most people equate a white smile with health and vitality. Psychologists and sociologists have studied the effect the appearance of one’s smile has on others. In fact, patients with attractive smiles are more likely to enjoy successful careers and an active social life. When patients are unhappy with their smiles, their self-confidence and self-esteem suffers. With one simple, in-office treatment, our team can help you feel a renewed sense of confidence.

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