laser dentistry rockwallLasers have many applications in medicine. For example, lasers are used in corrective eye surgeries to restore or improve vision. Some patients may be surprised to learn that lasers are used in dentistry, too. Dr. Prada is proud to offer the latest innovations in dentistry to patients in our community, including laser-assisted dentistry.

An Overview of Lasers in Dental Procedures

The Food and Drug Administration approved using lasers in dentistry in 1994, and since, many dentists and dental specialists have welcomed the advantages lasers offer into their practices. Lasers work by emitting specific types of energy through light waves. When it comes to dental procedures, there are different types of lasers. Some lasers are designed for hard, mineralized tissues like teeth and bone while other lasers are designated for working with soft structures like gum tissue. Lasers can be used to remove decay or open tissues without the need for cutting. For cosmetic procedures, lasers can cure (or harden) substances like composite resin for white fillings or bonding procedures along with helping to accelerate the teeth whitening process.

Other applications for lasers include removing tissues for oral pathology or lesions such as canker sores that cause patients discomfort.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Lasers can reduce the invasiveness of many procedures. For instance, when used to remove the decayed areas of a tooth, a laser is more precise and thus more conservative because more tooth structure can be retained. When used in periodontal surgeries such as root scaling and planing or recontouring the gums, soft tissue lasers can open gum tissue without the need for a scalpel. Lasers are also used to seal tissue so that stitches or sutures are not necessary. By eliminating the need for sutures, patients typically enjoy faster recovery times. Many patients report to our team that their procedures are more comfortable and efficient when lasers are used.

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