Throughout one’s life, teeth may require removal for varying reasons. When it comes to performing tooth extractions, our skilled dental team takes all precautions necessary to ensure that patients receive comfortable and quality treatment.

Why Extractions are Necessary

tooth removal rockwallA tooth may require removal for a few different reasons. The most common extractions involve removing wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth pose many threats to oral health if they erupt the gums improperly, which is often the case. When wisdom teeth emerge, the jawbones have stopped developing and all necessary teeth have already come in thus creating little to no room for wisdom teeth to erupt properly. Instead, wisdom teeth often become impacted in the gums and are very susceptible to abscesses, decay, and infection. Since wisdom teeth are unnecessary to enjoying optimal oral function, it is best to remove them early on to avoid oral health complications.

During the period of tooth transition, when adult teeth begin to replace deciduous teeth, tooth removal may be necessary to create the space needed for new teeth to emerge. Removing baby teeth is quite common and can help prevent orthodontic issues such as crowding and overlapping.

Of course, diseased and damaged teeth may need extraction as well. In these instances, the tooth cannot be saved with endodontic or restorative dental work.

IV Sedation for a Comfortable Experience

Dr. Prada offers IV sedation, administered by a licensed anesthesiologist, for extraction procedures. IV sedation is ideal for patients with dental phobias or young children who have difficulty sitting still. This form of sedation has unique benefits. Since the medication is administered intravenously, its effects set in quickly and can be controlled throughout the procedure. Patients’ vitals will be monitored throughout treatment as well. IV sedation promotes relaxation and comfort and for patients with dental fears, they will have little to no recollection of their procedure.

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